About Us

Dominique Normand


I have spent most of my career in product development leadership roles (R&D and PLM) in the fields of high-tech/telecoms (OST, Newbridge, Nortel) & information systems (AQL, Symbium).

In 2006, I decided to take a break from high-tech, and try myself in the field of trading the financial markets. Over time, I focused more & more on automated trading, and for the last 5 years I have been developing & trading 100% automated trading systems.

My current systems are based on statistical analysis of price-action, and use the same software engineering concepts, techniques, development & testing process that I used to produce 99.999% up-time telecommunications systems.

Key beliefs

  • Trading is a negative-sum game (commissions & infrastructure costs)
  • Over 90% of traders end-up losing money in the markets
  • Even though markets exhibit recurring (to some extent) patterns, the variability of outcomes over time & different markets renders the identification & exploitation of these patterns extremely difficult & challenging for the discretionary trader, both from technical and  psychological point of view.
  • Successful trading not only requires the right preparation (system) and flawless execution (automation), it also requires realistic expectations in terms of overall performance and drawdown levels, and proper account size for the system(s) traded.

My goal

  • To enable my clients' trading by providing off-the-shelf and custom automated trading systems, striving for the highest performance level
    while providing 100% "hands off" operations.

Core Values

  • Integrity and its corollary, "no BS"
  • Excellence - both in trading strategies & software engineering
  • Effectiveness & Efficiency - I don't like wasting my time, nor my clients money