Dom993 BreakOut Bars

Dom993 BreakOut Bars for NinjaTrader 7


The core principle of these bars is to show range-expansion from one bar to the next, in a similar way to what Renko bars do,
but without all the Renko-bar issues.

Specifically, Dom993BreakOutBars bring the following to the (table) chart:

  • Each bar Open is an actual price-print, known & printed in real-time at the exact same price it is printed (later) on historical bars,
    allowing to use these bars for backtesting
  • Each bar shows (when appropriate) a wick on its side opposite to the Close, showing how far price went against the Open-Close direction
  • There are no phantom bars - if price gaps away from the current bar, the next bar opens at that price, and the gap is visible on the chart - even on intra-day price action (see the example below on NQ)
  • Reversal bars minimum size is 3 * the configured Breakout size (but can be more than that, as it always must breakout the prior-bar range by Breakout size) - this characteristic allows for the bar series to resynchronize to price-action Highs & Lows on most reversal bars, ensuring that tiny differences in datafeeds (or between live & historical database) impact only a limited number of bars.
  • The bars are configured by default to ignore session-breaks - this is particularly useful on larger timeframes, which are otherwise polluted a lot by incomplete bars.
    Note: in this mode, the only session-break leading to an incomplete bar is at the rollover between 2 contracts.


The chart below is NQ 06-14 (up to Friday 6/6) using a breakout size of 15-ticks. It shows with great clarity a large cup & handle formation (under the blue line), as well as 2 typical trades out of congestion - the congestion areas are between yellow lines, the trade is on the reversal off the retest of the congestion area.

Companion Tools - included with Dom993BreakOutBars at no extra cost


RealTime up/down close value indicator


This indicator provides in real-time the 2 possible values for the developping bar Close (up / down)





















Companion Tools


A growing set of tools is included with Dom993BreakOutBars for NinjaTrader 7 at no extra cost (see details below)





Dom993's BreakOut Bars & Tools for NinjaTrader 7 are offered for lease at an annual rate of $200 (single machine).

An perpetual license is also available for $500 (single machine).

These prices include all software updates & upgrades during the lease term.


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The chart below is also NQ 06-14, using a breakout size of 3-ticks on Thursday 6/5 - notice the gaps visible in the pullback at 11:52 am EST.