“I have signed up early to ensure your system behaves as expected and without difficulties to trade.  To your credit your system has from my perspective operated in a controlled manner and flawlessly” .

John O.


“I've never seen other vendors of trade-along sites, or auto-traders make such an offer.  Of course, I've never seen your level of expertise and commitment to service from other vendors, either.”

Ed R.



"I had the opportunity to collaborate with Dominique in developing an automated trading system recently. He is a skilled developer who definitely understands the software development process, from specification to implementation, debugging and enhancement. I have worked with many developers over the years, but I would say his productivity is at the top, in my experience. We went from a 70-page spec to about 10,000 lines of working software in a matter of about 10 weeks, with very few bugs along the way. When there were bugs, Dominique was able to fix them very quickly and get the project moving forward again. Anyone seeking a developer who can keep a project on track and build software to your exact specs should definitely consider him for your development needs."

Darryn S.


"I always want to do things myself, but after working with you I could tell that I was attempting to do something that I was truly not qualified for.  I really have to thank you for that.  I have determined that I do not have enough experience in computers or statistics or any programming so have spent all my time mostly researching trading systems that are already developed and have had extensive backtesting.  I believe that is where I will have more success for myself.  I certainly have much admiration for you and your ability to proceed with your systems and find what looks like a profitable future. I have you on my "A" list for possible systems to trade in the future."

Mike C.

"That was QUITE a brutal thing for us. Spent a day testing a strategy step by step after your revelation and are majorly pissed.
You are right here – we overlooked that. Added testing to it.
Thanks a lot for pointing out another set of issues."

Thomas T.