Trading tools for NinjaTrader


  • Dom993 BreakOut Bars & Tools : the core principle of these bars is to show range-expansion from one bar to the next,
    in a similar way to what Renko bars do, but without all the Renko-bar issues.














Specialized tools for NinjaTrader


  • MarketReplayTime : Do you have strategies that depend on time to take action, and lack the ability to test using MarketReplay?
    (eg. to exit your position X seconds before a planned news release)
    This tool provides your strategies with the MarketReplay time, and is accurate to the second up to 20x.
  • ReloadManager:  Do you have strategies that depend on accurate data, and don't want to babysit your systems 24/7 to reload historical data after each loss of connectivity from your datafeed? This tool automates the detection of connectivity cycles and automatically reloads recent historical data once connectivity is reestablished (as strategies are automatically stopped & restarted after that historical data reload, the ReloadManager ensures each strategy is ready for that before triggering the historical data reload)